''Because of the coronavirus, the museum is closed until 31 March.'' 

The Museum

It is situated in Emmen, called the city of butterflies, Northeastern Holland, at the border with Germany, in a beautiful landscape amidst a forest of huge trees and little ponds. This landscape which used to be a zoo area at the past, hosts now in οne of its pavilions, the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art.

The idea of the Museum was initiated by the Tibetan Artist Tashi Norbu and Team, with the aim to become a Museum-cradle of Contemporary Tibetan Art; sending messages of spiritual awareness across the planet; keeping and preserving the Tibetan Art and culture which comes from the roof of the world -where Tibet is-, and embraces all the Western world. And this is the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art! The first one in Europe to house and exhibit Contemporary Tibetan Art.
On 1st June 2017 it opened its doors to the public; since then, it has become everyone’s Museum with a continuing activity, projects exhibitions and displays, exploring and sharing perceptions, feelings and innovative thoughts! 

The Museum is a bridge between the world of Eastern and Western Art. Retreats and festivals are programmed together with Artistic interchange procedures, presenting the Artworks of Tibetan Artists and International Artists too. Now, in addition to the Artworks of the Contemporary Artist Tashi Norbu who is the main aspirator of the Museum, various works of (originally) Tibetan Artists are exhibited too.
We are proud of our Tibetan Rituals which take place at the Museum. These are part of our activities and have a great impact to the world.
Our perceptions, our achievements and quality we are happy to offer not only to the people of the city of Emmen in Holland, but worldwide too. 

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"Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art"
Hoofdstraat 16c, 7811 EP Emmen, The Netherlands

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+31 6 22 17 55 51


Entree fee is 2 Euro

Openings hours

Open daily: 11:00AM - 5:00PM
Closed on Monday & Tuesday

* However donation is welcome in helping us at the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art realise our ambitious programme, maintaining and growing our Collection, and ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. Suggested donation € 5