The museum reopens from the first of June on Saturdays and Sundays.
Following the governmental corona measures, the museum is to be visited on appointment.

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Daily meditation and chanting of Tibetan Mantras by Tashi Norbu

Tashi is daily LIVE streaming on United Nations for TIBET page of performing “ Tibetan Mantra Lounge” twice a day due to the enormous differences in time zones. Usually the first is in the early afternoon (around 3:00 pm) in Western European Time Zone, which covers the Far East, and the second will be in the evening (around 9pm) which covers North and South America.

ON LINE ART Challenge in Korona Virus Era

The Tibetan Artist is giving ON LINE WORKSHOPS/TUTORIALS on how to make a Buddha amidst a beautiful landscape or amidst a Tibetan Calligraphy. Techniques based on the Traditional and Contemporary Tibetan Art.
It is applied to all, beginners as well as experienced painters. Tashi Norbu will be using his Art talents and will motivate you to paint a Buddha bringing peace in your mind, making you feel the confidence and victory of creating!
Prepare yourself for this painting experience, guided by the valuable instructions of one of the most popular Tibetan Artist in the West. There will be a symbolic payment and a cultural meaning in the fee of this workshop during these crucial hours for all, for supporting our Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art thus preserving and expanding the Tibetan Art worldwide. 
See here

Tibet Art 3.0 on line exhibition

Nostalgia over the Edges

A navigation to the Tibetan Contemporary Art where Tibetans mark their soul imprints and identity, especially those living in exile or in a harsh environment. A fusion of Tibetans Artists in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim, yet Western Artists who see Tibet as a mystic land and a challenge in Art at the threshold of 21st century. An exhibition that brings up queries and quests and a conversation regarding land and identity and a reference to a lost horizon; manifesting and marking a unique ethnic Cultural Art of no space and time. Images that have become beloved of the imagined Tibet and a nostalgia of a place never visited by most of the Artists.

Indigenous portraits, wooden carvings, traditional motifs, symbolic components, moments that confront the stereotypes, ephemeral scenes, images of a screaming silence in a lack of sound to escape, semi spiritual, or spiritual, mandalas carriers of philosophical and Buddhist teachings, a language containing a foreign influence rooted in the original troupes of Tibet; depictions made out of mineral pigments framed in colorful silk brocade. Figural representation of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, confirming the dominant tropes of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, where the practice can be taken as Tibet’s cultural heritage and asset.
At the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art. Where you find the trace of Tibetan culture, politics, customs and abundant subjects on Buddha’s mystical words and teachings. -Art critic by Leela Sktsa- 


Artists from Lhasa and other cities of Tibet:
Tsering Nyandak , Nortse, Kaltse, Penpa, Jang Yong, Anu Shelka, Yak Tseten, Tenzin Jigme, Zung De, Lala Lharigtso (Video installation, Lhasa/Finland) Tashi Norbu (Kham), Nyema Droma, Jhamsang and Tenzin Nyima (Lhasa/Canada).
Outside Tibet : Europe, Canada and USA
Gonkar Gyatso (New York), Tenzing Rigdol (india/US), Tashi Norbu (Netherland), late Puntsok Tsering Duechung (Initiator of Tibet House Germany), Tulku Jamyang (Nepal/US), Ngawang Art Jorden (US), Tashi Lodoe (UK), Sonam Dolma (switzerland), Rabkar Wangchuk (NY) , Passa Tobgay (Bhutan/ Amsterdam).
From India, Bhutan, Sikkim: Dawa Chungtak (India), Lobsang Wangyal (Photography India), Nesang Lama (Sikkim), Kunga Choeyang (Bangalore, India). Tsering Dorjee (Dhasa).
Kunchok Rinchen, Tenzin Lamo, Tsering Wangshuk (Dhasa)
Non Tibetans and local artists : Bram Eliert (sculptor Belgium), Valérie Rbr Lebeau (France,Pau), Louise Burnet Munoz (France/USA),
Leela Skitsa (Greece/NL), Karin Siebring (Local artist), Bea Venema (Local artist), Martina Koster (Local Artist), Nikki Schippers (Local artist),
Gabriela De Lima Freda (Brazil). Bryan Liptzin (Photography US), Mag Vermeiren (Sculptor Belgium), Dimitri Gácsér (Film, NL), Christy Von Beansprout (performance Art, Local artist).
Some more artists and we will be updated soon again,

Please stay tuned.

Text editor Leela -Eleni Skitsa  

Tashi Norbu’s Announcement about his monkhood ordination, happened on the Losar day, 24th February, 2020

Today, on this auspicious occasion of the first day of Tibetan new year “Losar”, the year of the Iron Rat, a prosperous year filled with growth, I would like to make the announcement of my monkhood ordination.
Tashi Norbu as a Monk
a Lhabri
An Artist
A Founder of the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art 

The Museum

It is situated in Emmen, called the city of butterflies, Northeastern Holland, at the border with Germany, in a beautiful landscape amidst a forest of huge trees and little ponds. This landscape which used to be a zoo area at the past, hosts now in οne of its pavilions, the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art.

The idea of the Museum was initiated by the Tibetan Artist Tashi Norbu and Team, with the aim to become a Museum-cradle of Contemporary Tibetan Art; sending messages of spiritual awareness across the planet; keeping and preserving the Tibetan Art and culture which comes from the roof of the world -where Tibet is-, and embraces all the Western world. And this is the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art! The first one in Europe to house and exhibit Contemporary Tibetan Art.
On 1st June 2017 it opened its doors to the public; since then, it has become everyone’s Museum with a continuing activity, projects exhibitions and displays, exploring and sharing perceptions, feelings and innovative thoughts! 

The Museum is a bridge between the world of Eastern and Western Art. Retreats and festivals are programmed together with Artistic interchange procedures, presenting the Artworks of Tibetan Artists and International Artists too. Now, in addition to the Artworks of the Contemporary Artist Tashi Norbu who is the main aspirator of the Museum, various works of (originally) Tibetan Artists are exhibited too.
We are proud of our Tibetan Rituals which take place at the Museum. These are part of our activities and have a great impact to the world.
Our perceptions, our achievements and quality we are happy to offer not only to the people of the city of Emmen in Holland, but worldwide too. 

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"Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art"
Hoofdstraat 16c, 7811 EP Emmen, The Netherlands

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